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iLia Anossov

Specialty Class Instructor

Mr. iLia Anossov is one of the very few artists in the world who can be considered masters of the art of fresco painting.  Among his most important works is the recently completed and the largest contemporary buon (true) fresco project in the Western United States since Diego Rivera and the WPA, measuring 20x26 feet.  His creation of the "Albuquerque Fresco" has become the subject of a documentary film by Amy Bowers about the process and technique of fresco painting.  His knowledge of the techniques of this most difficult, important, yet endangered art form is sought out by his contemporaries at great art institutes and museums.  Museums and collectors have sought his input on large-scale restoration projects and his expertise in helping them refine their technique.  iLia Anossov has responded to all inquiries with great generosity, believing the resurrection and proliferation of fresco art to be his true mission in life...

Throughout history fresco artists have worked with architects to produce some of the most monumental works.  The greatest artworks in history are frescoes, including those produced by the masters Michelangelo, Rafael and Diego Rivera.  iLia believes that if every architect could work with a fresco artist the world would be a vastly more beautiful place.  Through his own fresco painting and his workshops, iLia Anossov has taken steps toward realizing this dream.

Mr. Anossov has teamed up with leading fresco restorer and art conservator Mr. Nathan Zakheim of Nathan Zakheim Associates – art conservation firm which recently won 1.4 million contract for restoration of 11 landmark "Freeway Murals" in Los Angeles.  Anossov and Zakheim plan to create a similar to WPA Era San Francisco's Coit Tower project ( organized by Zakheim's father, fresco artist Bernard Zakheim, in 1932.  During this project 30+ artists have painted over 30 buon (true) frescoes in Coit Tower building in San Francisco which is now a National landmark and Museum.  To offer wider options for fresco workshops, related art classes and fresco programs and to facilitate the initial project needs to train artists, iLia Anossov also operates a large studio in Los Angeles.

Due to his nationally recognized expertise in the art of fresco painting, the demand has been high for iLia's creative mind and artistic excellence for the most prestigious events and productions.  iLia Anossov has been invited to The Fauxcademy of Decorative Finishing in Las Vegas during the summer of 2004 to speak on the revitalization of the art of fresco painting and to judge the Fauxcademy Awards.

Most recent nationally recognized commissions were for the design and creation of the interior of the 76th Annual Academy Awards® Governor’s Ball.  The entire interior of the Ball (over 27,000 sq. feet) was handpainted in Trompe L'Oeil Frescoes.  In addition to this event, iLia's work has graced such events as the Governor's Ball for the 9th Annual SAG Awards, 73rd Academy Awards®, the 50th Annual Emmy Awards, and the 11th Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.


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