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The Art of Pompeian Fresco™

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"The Mother of All Pompeian Fresco Faux Painting Classes"

The art of true Pompeian fresco painting is offered in this unique three-day faux painting course, wherein you will paint historic images from the First and Third styles of Pompeian frescoes.  We use and discuss traditional colors, as well as testing methods for contemporary decorative paint pigments recently made available to the fresco painter.  You will learn to mix colors for an entire project.  Faux painting techniques used to transfer images that allow for several days of work will also be offered.  You will also mix the slaked lime plaster needed for each day's painting and apply it to the panels that have been prepared for you.  Finally, you will paint a panel in the First or Third Style.

Day One: You will experience hands-on faux painting techniques, methods and "secrets" of professional fresco plaster application.  You will also learn the technique of attaching today's work (giornata) to the previous day's painting; the distinctive plastering method that allows for larger compositions.

Day Two: Building on the previous day's introduction to this faux finishing discipline, this day will be devoted to the scrupulous details of preparation necessary for a successful fresco.  You will explore the history of Pompeian Frescoes; learn aspects of designing frescoes based on giornatas (painting days), the making of a cartoon, transfer techniques, brushes and colors.  You and your classmates will then be guided through the nuances of pigment preparation and storing.

Day Three: By now, you will be painting in the true fresco technique, applying paint in the damp plaster...

Be prepared for a fast paced and intensive class.  The Art of Pompeian Fresco™ is a three-day journey into a professional fresco studio!  Painting in the true fresco technique is a special experience, and for centuries, fresco was greeted as "The Mother of all Arts."  The pigment particles are held in position by the lime as it carbonizes.  The fusion of the painting with the architectural wall surface is the distinctive quality of true fresco.

The luminosity of the surface lends a unique glowing effect to the colors used in the painting.  We are in touch with the tactile, artistic, and spiritual experiences of two thousand years ago, the fresco artists of Pompeii.  Roman wall painting has been well preserved in Pompeii since the eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79 AD.  The Great Age of Pompeian Fresco will be presented along with the art of painting in the true fresco tradition.

Fresco has been the favorite medium to monumentalize and commemorate the spiritual and cultural messages of the past.  The techniques acquired during this workshop will also enable you to paint frescoes of different periods and styles.

The Art of Pompeian Fresco™

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