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Explore Faux Painting Techniques That Raise Your Talents
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What's hot in the current home-improvement market?  Today, it is personality, individuality, and self-expression through original art to make a dramatic statement.  Discriminating clients, interior decorators, and designers are seeking faux finishing artists who can apply decorative paint sky and cloud formations on ceilings, domes, and walls.  Decorative painting professionals with the ability to provide these faux painting techniques find themselves in great demand, while enhancing their revenues along with their reputations.

Clouds is an intense 3-day class which focuses on building your faux finishing talents through the study of the skies and different cloud types (with a look outside).  You will learn everything from fast and effective techniques of faux painting brilliant blue skies and clouds, to advanced decorative painting of soft sunrises, to even more complex color-builds of transitional thunderheads.  Emphasis will be on cloud formations, their reflective qualities, and how proper shadowing can provide dimension and movement.

Here is a preview of the decorative paint effects you will learn in this very inviting class:

Click picture for close up view

faux painting classes

Blue Skies/White, Modeled Clouds
On large canvas boards, you will be learning fast and effective faux painting techniques for creating the ultimate in cloud illusions.  From shadow builds providing dimension, to tips on showing their reflective qualities and movement through decorative paint application.

faux painting classes

Early Morning Skies/Soft Sunrise
Learn how to faux paint a soft Mediterranean sunrise, exposing a warm, glowing build of yellow and orange beams of light through your canvas.

faux painting classes

Billowing Clouds with Transitional Thunderheads
Raising your talents to new heights, you will be taught how to build layers of clouds and demonstrate dimension by incorporating color comprehension to compliment the color theme of your customer's room.

PLUS, 2 Bonus Seminars:

Color Theory: You will be provided an in-depth seminar on color theory, the creation of clouds, and how to build layers of color and shadow to provide the ultimate impact.

Marketing Clouds/Skies/Murals: The instructors will describe how to market yourself along with your new-found skills as a complete packet.

This class will allow you to add further dimension to your current faux portfolio by incorporating this profitable niche.  This class will sharpen your skills as an artist and help you develop creatively as well as technically.  Our one-on-one instruction process and building-block approach will enable you to participate at your own pace, while still working independently on your projects under the close supervision of the instructors.

NOTE: During the class, you will be working primarily with traditional oil-based products.  If you are pregnant, please consult your physician before registering for this class.  If you are uncomfortable with oils, we suggest that you consider wearing a mask to feel safe and confident while in class.

ALSO: This class is all about clouds and skies there will be no emphasis on painting architecture, people, or the other elements shown in the images here.


Current Pricing Information & Scheduled Dates
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